Royal Air Force

Abbreviations And Slang


Updated: February 2009


(B) – Ballon Branch Officer

B&C – Barrack & Clothing

BAC – British Air Commission
BACB – British Air Command Berlin
BACF – Beam Approach Calibration Flight
BADU – Blind later, Beam Approach Development Unit
BAe – British Aerospace
BAFF – British Air Forces in France
BAFO – British Air Forces of Occupation

BAFO(G) – British Air Forces of Occupation (Germany)
BAFSEA – British Air Force South–East Asia

"Balloonatics"  Personnel in Balloon Command
BANS – Basic Air Navigation School
BARU – British Airways Repair Unit/Base Aircraft Repair Unit
BAS – Beam Approach School
BAS&HEDS Bomber Airborne Support & Heavy Equipment Dropping Squadron
BAT – Beam (originally Blind) Approach
BATDU – Blind Approach Training & Development Unit
BATF – Beam / Blind Approach Training Flight
BATTS – Beam Approach Technical Training School
BBCS – Bengal/Burma Communication Squadron
BB&BLEAU – Bomb Ballistics & Blind Landing Experimental Unit
BBOC Brought Back on Charge
BBU – Bomb Ballistics Unit
BCAir – British Commonwealth Air Component, Japan
BC – Bomber Command
BCAS – Bomber Command Armament School
BCATP – British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
BCBS – Bomber Command Bombing School
BCCF(S) – Bomber Command Communication Flight (Squadron)
BCDU – Bomber Command Development Unit

BCFU – Bomber Command Film Unit
BCFFU – Bomber Command Film Flight Unit
BCHU – Bomber Command Holding Unit
BCIR&EF Bomber Command Instrument Rating & Examining Flight
BCIS – Bomber Command Instructors School
BCJCF – Bomber Command Jet Conversion Unit
BCMC – Bomber Command Modification Centre
BCRS – Bomber Command Radar School

BCOF(J) British Commonwealth Occupation Forces
BCTAE – British Commonwealth Trans Antarctic Expedition
BD – Bomb Disposal

Bde – Brigade

BDE – Ballon Development Unit

BDT – Bomber Defence Training
BDTF – Bomber Defence Training Flight
BDU – Bombing Development Unit/ Bomber Development Unit
BDU – Bomb Disposal Unit
BEF – British Expeditionary Force
BEM – British Empire Medal
BER – Beyond Economical Repair

"Best Up" To attack, either playfully or seriously and place or thing

BFTS – British Flying Training School

B&GF – Bombing & Gunnery Flight
B&GS / BGS – Bombing & Gunnery School
BGT – Basic Gliding Training (Air Cadets)

"Big Nose" Important Person

"(to) Bird Dog" Stealing another guys girl

"Bit Of Fluff"  a girl, often the fluffy kind

"(a) Black"  Something or Some Action done badly (a "bad show")

"Blackout" or "Twilights"  WAAF issue knickers (under pants) - black in colour
BLEU – Blind Landing Experimental Unit

"(a solid lump of ) Blitz" A large formation of enemy aircraft

"Blood Wagon" or "Meat Wagon" Ambulance
BLS – Bombing Leaders School
BMH – British Military Hospital
BoB – Battle of Britain
BobMF – Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

"Bog Rat" Recruit (a bog rate is the lower form of life the RAF can imagine)

BOU Bomber Operational Training Unit

"Bought It" Killed

BPD Base Personnel Depot

"Brassed Off" A variant of "Browned off"
BRD – Base Repair Depot

"Browned Off" Unhappy with things or Displeased

"Brown Jobs" Army Personnel

BSC – Basic Staff Course
BSDU – Bomber Support Development Unit

BSRU – Base Signal Radar Unit
BSTU – Bomber Support Training Unit
BTB – Balloon Training Base

BTD – Balloon Training Depot

BTF – Bomber Towing/Training Flight
BTU – Bombing Trials Unit
BU – Broken Up

"Bumph" or "Bumf" – Useless Information

"Bus Driver" – Bomber Pilot

"Buttoned Up" – Job or Task which has been completely mastered

BWF – Bristol Wireless Flight

BWM – British War Medal