Royal Air Force

Abbreviations And Slang


Updated: February 2009


(D) – Dental branch Officer

D of PE – Duration of Present Emergency

DAF – Desert Air Force
DAFTF – Desert Air Force Training Flight
DBF – Destroyed by Fire
DBR – Damaged beyond repair
Del/Dly – Delivery
DCM – Distinguished Conduct Medal / District Court Martial
DDR – East Germany Deutsche Democratic Republic
"Dead Beat" RAF non-flying personnel

"(crack down on the) Deck" To crash-land an aeroplane

"(down to the) Deck" Flying close to the ground

Det _ Detachment (detachment to another unit or Squadron)
D/F – Direct Finding (Station)
DFC – Distinguished Flying Cross
DFCS – Day Fighter Combat School, part of CFE
DFLS – Day Fighter Leaders School
DFM – Distinguished Flying Medal
DGA – Director General of Aviation
DGRD – Director General of Research & Development
DHFS – Defence Helicopter Flying School
DI – Daily Inspection

"Dim"   Slow-witted

 "(to go like a) Ding Bat"   To travel at high rate of speed
Disb – Disbanded
DNCO – Did Not Complete Operation – see Boomerang

"Do A Bunk" To leave without permission

DR – Dead Reckoning

"(the right) Drill" The correct method of doing something

"(go down in the) Drink" to crash-land in the sea

DSC – Distinguished Service Cross (medal)

DSM – Distinguished Service Medal
DSO – Distinguished Service Order (medal)
DTD – Directorate of Technical Development
DTN – Defence Teleprinter Network
DTD – Director of Technical Development (Air Ministry)
DTEO – Defence Test & Evaluation Organisation
DUAS – Durham University Air Squadron

"Dud" Used to describe un-fit flying weather

"Duff Gen" Incorrect or Bad Information

"Dust Bin" Rear gunner's lower position on an aircraft

DWAAF – Direcotr of WAAF
DWI – Directional Wireless Installation (Magnetic Minesweepers)


(E) – Equipment Branch Officer

E/F – Engine Failure

EAAS – Empire Air Armament School
EAC – Eastern Air Command
EAF – East Africa Flight
EANS – Empire Air Navigation School
EASSU – Enemy Aircraft Storage & Servicing Unit

EATS – Empire Air Training Scheme
EAOS – Elementary Air Observer School
EBTS – Elementary and Basic Training School (Coastal Command)
EC – Escadrille de Chasse (Small French Fighter Unit)
ECDU – Electronic Countermeasures Development Unit/Engine Control Demonstration Unit
ECFS – Empire Central Flying School
ECI – Engineer Control Instructors
ECM – Electronic Countermeasures
ECU – Electronic Countermeasures Unit
EDD – Equipment Disposal Unit
EFS – Empire Flying School
EFTS – Elementary Flying Training School


EGM – Empire Gallantry Medal
EGS – Elementary Gliding School
EGTS – Elementary Glider Training School
ELG – Emergency Landing Ground
EMCS – Eastern Mediterranean Communication Flight
EMUAS – East Midlands University Air Squadron

ENSA – Entertainment National Service Association
EO – Education Officer

EP – Equipment Park
E&RFTS – Elementary& Reserve Flying Training School
ERS – Empire Radio School/Engine Repair Section

ERFTS – Elementary and Reserve Flying Training School
ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival
ETO – European Theatre of Operations
ETPS – Empire Test Pilots School
EOWS – Elementary Observer Wireless School
EU – Equipment Unit
EUAS – Edinburgh University Air Squadron
Evd – Evaded Capture
EWAU – Electronic Ware fare Avionics Unit
EWE&TU – Electronic Ware fare Experimental & Training Unit
E&WS – Electrical & Wireless School