Royal Air Force

Abbreviations And Slang


Updated: February 2009


F2E – Fitter II (Engines)
FA – Flying Accident

FAA – Fleet Air Arm

“Fan” - Propeller
FAGS – Fleet Aerial Gunners School
FATU – Flight Affiliation Training Unit/Fighter Armament Training Unit
FB – Flying Battle (Damage)

FBDF – Flying Boat Development Flight
F–BFTS – France–Belgium Flying Training Unit
FBSU – Flying Boat Servicing Unit
FBSU – Flying Boat Servicing Unit
FC – Ferry Control / Fighter Command / Flying Control
FCCRS – Fighter Command Control & Reporting School
FCCS/F Fighter Command Communication Squadron/Flight
FCCU – Fighter Control Cooperation Unit
FCIRS/F – Fighter Command Instrument Rating Squadron/Flight
FCITF/S – Fighter Command Instrument Training Flight .Squadron
FCMPC – Fighter Command Missile Practice Camp
FCPU – Ferry Command Preparation Unit
FCRS – Fighter Command Radar School
FCS – Fighter Command School /  Facility Checking Squadron

FCTS – Fighter Controllers Training School
FCTU – Fighter Command Trials Unit
FDF – Fighter Defence Unit
F/E – Flight Engineer
FE – Far East
FEAF – Far East Air Force
FEAFES – Far East Air Force Examination Squadron

FEC – Far East Command
FECEF – Far East Casualty Evacuation Unit
FEE – Fighter Experimental Establishment
FEFEW – Far East Flying Boat Wing
FETDU – Far East Tactical Development Unit
FETS – Far East Training Squadron
FETW – Far East Training Wing
FF – Fighter Flight/Ferry Flight/Free French
FFAF – Free French Air Force
FFDPF – Free French Desert Patrol Flight
FFFF – Free French Fighter Flight

FFS – Fire Fighting School

FFU – Film Flight Unit
FIDO – Fog Investigation and Dispersal Operation

F I DS/U – Fighter Interception Development Squadron/Unit
"(Mr.) Fireworks" Armaments Officer

FIS – Flying Instructors School
F I U – Fighter Interception Unit
F/L – Forced Landing

F/L or Flt Fl – Flight Lieutenant

“Flak” – Anti-Aircraft Fire (artillery)

"(to) Flannel" To seek favour by fawning

"Flap" A disturbance or Other general excitement

"(in a) Flat Spin"  Complete confused

"Flat Out"  Complete exhausted

Flot – Flotilla
FLS – Fighter Leaders School
Flt – Flight
Flt Cdr – Flight Commander

FM(A) –Flight Mechanic (Airframes)
FM(E) - Flight Mechanic (Engines)
F/O or Fl O  – Flying Officer
FP – Ferry Pool
Field Punishment and Detention Centre

FPP/U – Ferry Pilots Pool   / U
FPU – Ferry Preparation Unit / Film Production Unit
FR – Fighter–reconnaissance
FRD – Forward Repair Depot
FRS – Flying Refresher School
FRU – Field Repair Unit/Fleet Requirements Unit
F/S or F/Sgt. – Flight Sergeant
FS – Fighting School
FSAF&G – Fleet School of Aerial Fighting & Gunnery School
FSDS – Fighter Support Development Squadron
FSP – Forward Staging Post
FSS – Ferry Support Squadron/Flying Selection Squadron
FSTU – Fighter Support Training Unit
FT – Flying Training

FTC – Flying Training Command
FTCPF – Flying Training Command Practice Flight
FTF/U – Ferry Training Flight/Unit
FTFlt – Ferry Training Flight
FTLU – French Tactical Liaison Unit
FTR – Failed to Return
FTS – Flying Training School
FTU – Ferry Training Unit/Floatplane Training Unit/Flight Trials Unit
FU – Ferry Unit
FWS – Fighter Weapons School
F w – Feldwebel/Focke Wulfe


(G) – Gunnery Officer

“Gallops” – Warrant Officers rank badges

GAL – General Aircraft Limited (part of CRO)

GAS – Ground Armament School

GATU –Ground Attack Training Unit
G/C Group Captain
GC – Gliding Centre / Groupe de Chasse
GCA – Ground Controlled Approach
GCAOS – Ground Controlled Approach Operation School
GCAS – Ground Controlled Approach Squadron
GCATU – Ground Controlled Approach Training Unit
Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath

GCF – Gunnery Co–operation Flight / Group Communication Flight
GCHQ – Government Communications HQ
GCI – Ground Controlled Interception
GCS – Ground Controlled Squadron
GD – General Duties
GDC – Group Disbandment Centre
GDGS – Group Defence Gunnery School
GE – George Cross
GED – Ground Equipment Depot
“Gen” – Information of any kind

"George" The Automatic Pilot

"Get Cracking" Get Going

"Get Some In" Get some service (time) in

"Get Weaving" Get CrackingGES – Glider Exercise Squadron
GEU – Glider Exercise Unit
GG – Ground Gunnery
GGS – Ground Gunnery School
GI – Ground Instructional
GIC – Gliding Induction Course (Air Cadets)
GIF – Glider Instructors Flight
GIS – Glider Instructors School
(G) OTU – Glider operational Training Unit

"Glamour Badge" Brevet

"Glamour Boys" Fighter Command pilots
GM – George Medal

Gnr – Gunner

“Gone For A Burton" Air Crew whose has been killed

“Gong” – Medal

“Got the chop” – a person that was killed (usually in action)

GOTU – Glider Operational training Unit

Gp or Grp – Group
G/C or Gp Capt or "Groupy" Group Captain

GP – General Purpose
GP CF – Group Conversion Flight
GP/DA – Group Disposal Account (book–keeping exercise for damaged aircraft)
GPEU – Glider Exercise Unit
GPIS – Glider Pilot Instructors School
GPUTF – Glider Pick–Up Training Unit
GPR – Glider Pilot Regiment
GR – General reconnaissance
GR&ANS – General Reconnaissance and Air Navigation School
"Gravey" Petrol or Gasoline

"Greenhouse" Cockpit cover

"Gremlins" The "little men" of the RAF or Imaginary figure that causes something to go wrong

"Grocers" Suppliers

GRS – General Reconnaissance School
GRU – General Reconnaissance Unit
GRU/F – General Reconnaissance Unit/Flight
GS – Gliding School
GS – Grading School
GSE – Glider Servicing Echelon
GSF – Glider Servicing Flight

GSM – General Service Medal
GSU – Group Support Unit

GSTS – General Service Training Shcool
GTF – Gunnery Training Flight
GTPS – Glider & Tug Pilots School
GTS – Glider Training Squadron/Glider Training School
GU – Grading Unit
GUAS – Glasgow University Air Squadron
GWDS – Guided Weapon Development Squadron
GWTS – Guided Weapon Training Squadron