Royal Air Force

Abbreviations And Slang


Updated: February 2009


H2S Airborne radar navigational and target location aid
H2X – American version of H2S
HAAPC – Heavy antiaircraft Practice Camp
HAD – Home Aircraft Depot

"Harbour Master" Commanding Officer of a Station

"Have Had It" To have been killed or if said ironically to mean the opposite - NOT to have been killed
(HB) – Heavy Bomber
(HB)CU – (Heavy Bomber) Conversion Unit
HC – Home Command

HCB – Heavy Conversion Base

HCCS – Home Command Communications Squadron
HCEU – Home Command Examining Unit
HCF – Helicopter Communications Flight/Home Communications Flight
HCU – Heavy Conversion Unit
HD – Home Defence
Hdlg Sqn – Handling Squadron
HDU – Helicopter Development Unit
HE – (movements) Home Establishment / Home Embarkation

"Hedge Hoping" Flying so low that the aircraft appears to be flying over hedges
HFF – Heavy Freight Flight
HFU – Home Ferry Unit
HGCU – Heavy Glider Conversion Unit
HGMU – Heavy Glider Maintenance Unit
HGSU – Heavy Glider Servicing Unit
HGTU – Heavy Glider Training Unit

HKAAF – Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force
HKFS – Hong Kong Fighter Squadron
HKVA – Hong Kong Volunteer Air Force
HMS – His/Her Majesty's Ship
HMT – His/Her Majesty's Transport Ship
HOCF – Helicopter Operational Conversion Flight

“Hocching” – Pub Crawling
Hptm – Hauptman
HQ – Headquarters
HQ AC – Headquarters Air Cadets
HQ ATA – Head Quarters Air Transport Auxiliary
HQ EFT – Headquarters Elementary Flying Training
HQ FPP – Head Quarters Ferry Pilots Pool
HQ P&SS – Headquarters Provost & Security Services – 'Snowdrops'
HQ PTC – Headquarters Personnel & Training Command
HQ STC – Headquarters Strike Command
HQ TAF – Head Quarters Tactical Air Force
HS Flt – High Speed Flight

HSL – High Speed Launch

HST – High Speed Telegraphist
HTCU – Heavy Transport Conversion Unit
(HTS)CU – (Heavy Transport Support) Conversion Unit

"Hughie" Australian and New Zealand (informal) the god of rain and the god

                of surf especially in the phases "send her down,

                  Hughie!" or "Send 'em up, Hughie"


(I) – India / Intelligence Officer
IAAD – Inland Area Aircraft Depot
IAAS – Inland Area Aircraft School
IAF – Indian Air Force
IAFVR – Indian Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Initial Air Navigation School

IAM - Institute of Aviation Medicine

IAP – Izvidacki Avijacijcki Puk, (Reconnaissance Aviation Regiment)
IAPF – Inland Area Practice Flight
IAvMed – Institution of Aviation Medical CCF Iraq Command Communication Flight
ICF/S – Italy Communication Flight/Squadron
IDF – Iraq Defence Flight
IE – Initial Establishment
IFDU – Intensive Flying Development Unit
IFIS – Irish Flying Instructors School
IFS – Instrument Flying Squadron
IFTS – Initial Flying Training School
IFTU – Instrument Flying Training Unit/Intensive Flying Trials Unit
IGT – Initial Gliding Training (Air Cadets)
ILF – Independent Liaison Flight
Int – Interned
IoM – Isle of Man
I/O – Intelligence Officer
IR – Immediate Reserve
IRF – In dependant Reconnaissance Flight
IRRU – Instant Readiness Reserve Unit
IR&SU – Immediate Reserve & Support Unit
ISF – Internal Security Flight
ITF/S – Instrument Training Flight/Squadron
ITS – Initial Training School
ITW – Initial Training Wing