Royal Air Force

Abbreviations And Slang


Updated: February 2009



KAAU – Kenya Auxiliary Air Unit
KAF – Kenya Air Force
"Kee-toi-ing" – Crush of any kind

                          - often an sudden crush "in love"

KF – King's Flight

"Kipper Kite" – Coastal Command aircraft, which convoy fishing fleets in the North and Irish Seas

"Kite "– Aeroplane
KLFS – Kula Lumpur Fighter Squadron
KUAS – Kent University Air Squadron

JAPIC Joint Air Photographic Intelligence Centre

"Jankers" Duties performed while confined to camp (form of punishment)

JARIC – Joint Air Reconnaissance Intelligence Centre
JASS – Joint Anti–Submarine School
JATE – Joint Air Transport Establishment
JCU – Jet Conversion Unit (Bomber Command Jet Conversion Unit)
JEFTS – Joint Elementary Flying Training Squadron
JEHU – Joint Experimental Helicopter Unit
JFACT&SU – Joint Forward Air Controllers Training & Standards Unit
JGWTU – Joint Guided Weapons Training Unit
JHDU – Joint Helicopter Development Unit

“Jink” – A sharp maneuver of sudden action
JPTU – Jet Provost Trials Unit
JTF – Jet Training Flight
JSPI – Joint School of Photographic Interpretation
JSSC – Joint Services Staff College
JSSPT – School for Jungle Self Preservation Training
JSTU – Joint Services Trials Unit
JTU – Joint Trials Unit
JWE – Joint Warfare Establishment