Royal Air Force

Abbreviations And Slang


Updated: February 2009


PAF – Polish Air Force
(P)AFU – Pilots Advanced Flying Unit
PACT – Preliminary Air Crew Training

"Pack Up" – To cease to function

PAF – Polish Air Force

PAFBTS – Polish Air Force Boys Training School

"Pancake" – To land an aircraft, formally meaning a crash landing, but used now to refer to any landing at all

PAS/U – Pilotless Aircraft Section Unit
PATP – Packed Aircraft Transit Pool
PCCS – Protectorate Communication & Support Unit

PC – Permanent Commission
PCF – Pioneer Conversion Flight

PCSS – Protectorate Communication and Support Squadron

PD – Packing Depot
PDC – Personnel Dispatch Centre
PDRC – Personnel Dispatch and Reception Centre
PDU – Photographic Development Unit
PEE – Proof & Experimental Establishment

PEFTS – Polish Elementary Flying Training School
"(to) Peel Off" – To break formation

PES – Parachute Exercise Squadron
PF – Practice Flight
PFB – Preliminary Flying Badge

PFF – Pathfinder Force
PFF(NTU) – Pathfinder Force Navigational Training Unit
PFS – Parachute Flying Section/Primary Flying School
PFTS – Polish Flying Training School
PFU – Practice Flying Unit
PGTF – Polish Grading & Testing Flight
PGTS – Parachute& Glider Training School
(Ph) – Photographic Officer

PHU – Personnel Holding Unit
"Pickled As A Newt" – Tiddly or Slight drunk

"Piece Of Cake" – A gift from the gods something easily obtained or completed with little effort

PIU – Photographic Intelligence Unit
"(to) Play Pussy" – To hide in the clouds

"Pleep" – A Squeak, similar to a high pitched klaxon

"Plonk" – Recruit

"Plonk" – Recruit

"Plug Away" – Continue for fire or to keep after a target

'Plumbers" – Engineers

P/O or Plt Off – Pilot Officer
PMRAFNS – Princess Mary's Royal Air Force

                        Nursing Service

PNB – Pilot Navigation Bomber

POTU – Polish Operational Training Unit
POW or PoW – Prisoner of War
PPF – Parachute Practice Flight
PPP – Pupils Pilots Pool
PR – Photographic Reconnaissance
"Prang" – Crash - usually referring to the crash of an aircraft

                but sometimes used to describe braking up with

                a girlfriend

PRC – Personnel Reception Centre
PRDU/E – Photographic Reconnaissance Development Unit/ Establishment
PRFU/S – Pilots Refresher Flying Unit/School
PRTU – Pilot Refresher Training Unit
PRRP – Pilots Reserve & Reinforcement Poll (Middle East)
PRU – Photographic Reconnaissance Unit / Pilot

            Replacement Unit
P&SS – Provost and Security Services

P&TJ – Palestine and Trans Jordan

PS – Parachute School
(PT) – Physical Training Officer

PTC – Parachute Training Centre / Personnel Transit Camp
PTF – Parachute Test Flight
PTS – Parachute Training School/Squadron/ Section
PTU – Parachute Test Unit/ Parachute Training Unit
PTURP – Pilots Training Unit & Reinforcement Pool (see also TURP)
"Pukka Gen" – Accurate information of any kind

"Pulpit" – Cockpit

"Pulchritude" – Wizard wench - A glamour girl

"Pull You Finger Out!" – Stop loafing and get going

"Put Your Props Up" – To be promoted to Leading

                  Aircraftsman or Leading Aircraftswoman

                  - which allowed for the sewing on of a propeller

                    insignia on the sleeve

PWF – Psychological Warfare Unit


QCS – Queen's Colour Squadron

QF – Queen's Flight

QGM – Queen's Gallantry Medal

QFI – Qualified Flying Instructor

QNI – Qualified Navigation Instructor

"Queen Bee" – Senior WAAF (Administrative) Officer on a Station

"Quick Squirt" – Short burst of fire (machine gun)

"Quickie" – A quick anything