Royal Air Force

Abbreviations And Slang


Updated: February 2009


(R) Reserve

RAAA – Repaired and Awaiting Allocation

RAAF – Royal Australian Air Force / Royal Auxiliary Air Force
"Rack Ape" – RAF Regiment

RACP – Reserve Air Crew Poll

RAuxAF – Royal Auxiliary Air Force
R&D – Research & Development
RAE – Royal Aircraft / Aerospace Establishment
RAF – Royal Air Force
RAF(B)ITS – Royal air Force (Belgium) Initial Training School
RAFASU – RAF Armament Support Unit (formerly BCAS)
RAFC – Royal Air Force College
RAFD – RAF Depot 
RAFFC – Royal Air Force Flying College
RAFG – Royal Air Force Germany

RAFG – Royal Air Force Germany

RAFO – Reserve of Air Force Officers
RAFM – RAF Mission
RAFNI – Royal Air Force Northern Ireland
RAFRS – Royal Air Force Regiment School
RAFSC – Royal Air Force Staff College
RAFSCOCF – Royal Air Force Staff College Overseas

                      Communication Flight
RAFTC – Royal Air Force Technical College
RAFVR – Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
"Rang the bell" – Got good results

RAP – Reserve Aircraft Pool
RAS – Reserve Aeroplane School
RAT Flight – Radio Aids Training Flight
RATG – Rhodesian Air Training Group
RATW – Rhodesian Air Training Wing
RC – Recruiting Centre
RCAF – Royal Canadian Air Force
RCASU – Radar Controlled Air Survey Unit
RCFS – Rhodesian Central Flying School
RCGIS – Reserve Command Gliding Instructors School
RCIFF – Reserve Command Intensive Flying Flight
RCITF – Reserve Command Instrument Training Flight
RCTF – Reserve Command Training Flight
RCMSF – Radio Counter Measures
Squadron Flight
RDAF – Royal Danish Air Force
RDF – Radio Direction Finder
RDFCF – Radio Direction Finding Calibration Flight
RDFS – Radio Direction Finding School

RDAF – Royal Danish Air Force

RDFS – Radio Direction Finding School

RDP – Recruits Disposal Pool
REAF – Royal Egyptian Air Force
REC – Release Embarkation Centre

Recce – Reconnaissance
Res - Reserve

Revd – Reverend
RFC – Royal Flying Corpse

RFF – Refresher Flying Flight
RFS – Reserve Flying School
RFTS – Refresher Flying Training School
RFU – Refresher Flying Unit
R/G – Rear Gunner
RHAF – Royal Hellenic Air Force
RIAF – Royal Indian Air Force
RHAF – Royal Hellenic Air Force

RIAF – Royal Indian Air Force

RIMU – Radio Installation and Maintenance Unit

"Ring Conscious" – Conscious of rank (officer)

"Ring" – Rank designation on an officers cuff

RIW – Repaired In Works

RLC – Reat and Leave Camp

RLF – Rapid Landing Flight
RLG – Relief Landing Ground
RM – Royal Marine
RMAF – Royal Malaysian Air Force
RMF – Radar (Radio) Meteorological Flight
RMS – Royal Mail Ship
RMU – Radio Maintenance Unit
RN – Royal Navy
RNAF – Royal Norwegian Air Force
RNAS – Royal Naval Air Station/Service
RNAW – Radar Navigation Aids Wing
RNCU – Radar Navigation Conversion Unit
RNEFTS – Royal Navy Elementary Flying Training School
RNethAF – Royal Netherlands Air Force
RNFS – (Royal Naval Fighter Squadron
RNoAF – Royal Norwegian Air Force

RNZAF – Royal New Zealand Air Force
ROC – Royal Observer Corps
"Ropey" – Uncomplimentary adjective - rope landing, ropey type, ropey evening

ROS – Repairable on Site
RPAF – Royal Pakistan Air Force
RRAF – Royal Rhodesian Air Force
RRE – Radar Research Establishment
RRF(U) – Radio Reconnaissance Flight (Unit)
RRFU – Radar Research Flight
RS – Radio School / Reserve School / Reserve Squadron
RS&RE – Royal Signals & Radar Establishment
R&SS – Repair & Salvage Section
R&SU –
Repair and Servicing Unit/Section / Repair and Salvage Unit
RSS – Radion Servicing Section
RSU – Repair & Servicing Unit

          /Repair and Salvage Unit
R/T radio telegraphy
RTP – Recruit Training Pool
RU – Repair Unit
RWE – Radio Warfare Establishment
RYAFTU – Royal Yugoslav Air Force Technical Unit