Royal Air Force

Abbreviations And Slang


Updated: February 2009


(T)(a) – Armament Officer

(T)(e) – Engineering Officer

(T)(s) – Signals Officer

TADU – Target Aircraft Development Unit/Training Aids Development Unit
TAF – Tactical Air Force
TAFSU – Tactical Air Force Support Unit
TAG – Telegraphist Air Gunner (Fleet Air Arm)
"Tail-end-Charlie" – Rear Gunner in large bomber

TAMU – Transport Aircraft Maintenance/Modification Unit
"Tapes" – Non-Commissioned Officers "stripes"

TARU – Transport Aircraft Repair Unit
"Tate And Lyles" – Warrant Officers rank badges

TB – Torpedo Bomber
TBF – Torpedo Bomber Fighter
TBS – Torpedo & Bombing School
TC – Training Command / Transport Command
TCAEU – Transport Command Aircrew Examining Unit
TCASF – Transport Command Air Support Flight
TCBU – Transport Command Base Unit
TCDU/F – Transport Command Development Unit
TCEU – Transport Command Examining Unit
TCFCS – Transport Command Flight Commanders School
TCG/W –Troop Carrier Group/Wing

TCICU – Transport Command Initial Conversion Unit
TCMF – Transport Command Meteorological Flight
TCNVTS – Transport Command Night Vision Training School
TCPS – Transport Command Practice Flight
TCU – Transport Conversion Unit
TDS – Training Depot Station
TDU/F/S – Torpedo Development Unit/Flight/Section
TDU – Tactical Development Unit
TDY – Temporary Duty

"Tear A Strip Off" – Reprimand severely, a dressing down,

                                  a speaking too

TEE – Test & Evaluation Establishment
TEU – Tactical Exercise Unit
TF – Training Flight/Task Force

TFF – Target Facilities Flight

TFPP – Temporary Ferry Pilots School

              / Training Ferry Pilots Pool
TFP – Training Ferry Pool
TFS/F – Target Facilities Squadron
TFU – Telecommunications Flying

TG – Trade Group

"The Sky Pilot" – RAF Chaplin

TI – Target Indicator

"Tick Off "– Slight less serve than a "tearing a strip off"

"Tiddly" – Slight drunk
T/O – Take off

"Touch Bottom" – Crash

"Toys" – A great deal of training equipment
TP – Test Pilot

TPS – Test Pilots School

"(driving the) Train" – Leading more than one

                                squadron into battle

TRE – Telecommunications Research Establishment
Trg – Training
TRS – Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron

            / Torpedo Refresher School
TS – Training School / Training Squadron
TSCU – Transport Support Conversion Unit
TSPC – Transport Support Practice Camp
TSR – Torpedo Spotter reconnaissance
TSTU – Transport Support Training Unit
TT – Target Towing / Technical Training
TTC – Technical Training Command

TTD – Technical Training Depot
TTF – Target Towing Flight / Towed Target Flight / Tanker Training Flight / Torpedo Training Flight

          Transport Training Flight
TT&G – Target Towing & Gunnery
TTS – Torpedo Training School/Squadron
TTU – Torpedo Training Unit/ Target Towing Unit
TURP – Training Unit & Reserve School
TWDU – Tactical weapons Development Unit
TWU – Tactical Weapons Unit

"Type" – "Classification" – often referring to people,

              good, bad, ropey, etc


U/C Undercarriage

U/S – Unserviceable
USAAC – United States Army Air Corps
USAAF – United States Army Air Force
UAS – University Air Squadron
UED – Universal Equipment Depot
USAAC/F United States Army Air Corps/Flight


VAD – Voluntary Air Detachment

VC – Victoria Cross
VCAS – Vice Chief of the Air Staff
VGS – Volunteer Gliding School
"View" – RAF Personnel always take a "view of things"

                - good, poor, dim, etc.

VM - Victory Medal

VISTRE – Visual Inter–service Training & Research Establishment
VOS – Vazdvhoplovna Oficirsva Skola, (Aviation Officers School)
VR – Vazovhoplovna Radionica, (Aviation Repair Workshop)
VTB Vazdvhoplovna–Tehnicki Battalion, (Aviation Technical Battalion)