Royal Air Force

Abbreviations And Slang


Updated: February 2009


WA - West Africa

WAAF – Women's Auxiliary Air Force
WACS – West Africa Communication Squadron
WARD – Western Aircraft Repair Depot
"Walt Disney" – W.D. or War Department

W/C or W/Cdr or Wg CDR – Wing Commander
WCAD(NE) – War Casualty Accounts Department (non-Effective)

WCS – Western Communication Squadron
WD – Women’s Divison

WDCF/U – Western Desert Communication Flight/Unit
WDU – Wireless Development unit
"(to) Weave" – To take evasive action in an aircraft, but not so sudden as to make in "jink"

"Weaving An Uneven Course For Home" – Tiddly or Slight Drunk

WEE – Wireless Experimental Establishment
Wef – With Effect From
WFU – Withdrawn From Use

Wg – Wing
WIDU – Wireless Intelligence Development Unit
"Wizard" – Really first class, superlative, attractive, ingenious - anything that deserves getting the highest prize

"Wizzed As A Bee" – Tiddly or Slightly Drunk

WL – Wing Leader
W/O or WO – Warrant Officer
WO1 – Warrant Officer First Class
WO2 – Warrant Officer Second Class
W/Op – Wireless Operator
WOp/AG or WAG – Wireless Operator/Air Gunner
"Worthy Type" – Aid ironically and sarcastically of a soleman and self-righteous individual

WOS – Wireless & Observers School/Wireless operators School
WOU – Wireless Operators Unit
WRAF – Women's Royal Air Force
WRAFVR (T) – Women's Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training branch)
WS – Wireless School
WSI – War Service Increment

WT – Wireless Telegraphy
WTt – Wireless Telephony
WTP – Wireless Testing Park
WTS – Wireless Telephony School/Weapons Training Squadron


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