Surviving Lancaster: FM104


Last Updated: July 2008

Serial No:          FM104              Mark:    X                Known Op's:  0

Current Location: Toronto Aerospace Museum, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Current Status:     Under Restoration - Museum

Nickname:              None Traced

Service History:

To UK 1-45, 32 MU St. Athan del'd 1-45, 408 Sqn, RCAF EQ-?, 428 Sqn, RCAF NA-?, Returned CDN 6-45, 661 (Heavy Bomber) Wing, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia for Tiger Force, No. 2 Air Command del'd 1945, Stored unspecified location, Mod. Mk. 10SR del'd' 11-45, 10 Rescue Unit  at Argentina, Newfoundland, Mk.10 MR del'd 4-51, No. 107 Rescue Unit at Torbay, Newfoundland. Returned to Mk. 10SR del'd 1-57 remaining with No. 107 Rescue Unit as CX-104, SOC 9-10-1964, Sold to the Royal Canadian Air Force Association Toronto Region, paced on memorial pedestal at the Canadian National Exhibition Grounds, Toronto, Ontario, carrying codes GA-R from Aug. 1964-1999. Removed from pedestal and dismantled in 1999, Moved to Toronto Aerospace Museum, Downsview Airport, Toronto, Ontario, 1999-2003. Under restoration for static display. Owned by City Of Toronto.



09/64: Mounted in Coronation Park, Toronto, Ontario


25/9/99:  the Lancaster Restoration Group began initial steps to remove the aircraft from its pedestal and relocation to the Toronto Aerospace Museum.


16-17/10/99: saw removal of rudders, engines, and prop's


23-24/10/99: port wing and vertical stabilizers removed


30/10/99: Stb. wing removed


31/10/99: using heavy lift cranes the remaining fuselage was removed from the pedestal and placed in to a specially made stand


6-7/11/99: fuselage disassembled into 3 major components and shipped to the Toronto Aerospace Museum. The aircraft is currently under restoration survey. Decision as to the extent of restoration, either static or taxi, as well as paint scheme to be made early 2000.


Production Data:

Part of the second production batch of 130 aircraft (from an order of 200) built by Victory Aircraft Limited, Malton, Ontario, Canada. FM100-FM229, (aircraft built 'after' KB-Serial batch). Packard built Rolls-Royce Merlin 28, 38 or 224 engines. Majority of aircraft shipped to Britain between 3-45 and 5-45, some of which served with RCAF Squadrons in Britain and most flown back to Canada in 8-45. Victory Aircraft Construction Number 3305