Surviving Lancaster: FM221


Last Updated: July 2008

Serial No:          FM221            Mark:    X          Known Op's:  0

Current Location: Resolute Bay, North West Territories, Canada

Current Status:     Wreckage remains at crash site

Nickname:              None Traced

Service History:

Retained in CDN, Taken on Strength by RCAF 21-8-45, Stored at unspecified location, Avro Canada Mod. Mk.10 BR del'd 1944, Unspecified unit for trails as VP-DDR



Prototype airframe for modification to Mk.10R standard


23-9-50: The aircraft crashed, when both port engines failed just short of the runway, at Resolute Bay, North West Territories. Wreckage. One crew member is reported as being injured. Wreckage remains at the site.


Production Data:

Part of the second production batch of 130 aircraft (from an order of 200) built by Victory Aircraft Limited, Malton, Ontario, Canada. FM100-FM229, (aircraft built 'after' KB-Serial batch). Packard built Rolls-Royce Merlin 28, 38 or 224 engines. Majority of aircraft shipped to Britain between 3-45 and 5-45, some of which served with RCAF Squadrons in Britain and most flown back to Canada in 8-45. Victory Aircraft Construction Number 3422