Serial No:              NX611                  Mark:    VII            Known Op's:  0

Current Location: Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Museum,

                              East Kirkby, Lincolnshire, England

Current Status:     Restored – all engines running, able to perform hi-speed taxi runs

Nickname:              Just Jane (post war)

Service History:

38 MU Llandow del'd 16-4-45, Sold to Aeronavale as WU-15 del'd 6-52, Flottilles 10F, 24F, 25F, Escadrilles 9s, 52S, 55S, Donated to Historic Aircraft Museum, Sydney, Australia c.1962. Sold to Malcom D.N. Fisher/Historic Aircraft Preservation Society, Biggin Hill, Oct. 22, 1964. Flown back to the Uk 5-13-1964 as G-ASXX and flown at air shows. Reflectaire Museum, Lacenham/Squires Gate, May 19, 1967-1972. Last flight, delivery from Lavenham to Squires Gate, June 26, 1970. Sold to Lord Ilford, April 1972-1984. Loaned to RAF Scrampton, Aug. 1973-1988; Arrived disassembled, displayed as gate guard "YF-C". Sold to Fred & Harold Panton/Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center, East Kirby, 1983. Delivered by road from Scrampton to East Kirby, Apr. 1988, restored to taxi condition, displayed as NX611/CM-V - Just Jane -



Sold to Mr. F. Panton and moved to the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Museum, East Kirkby, Lincolnshire. Restored to taxi-able wartime configuration with all four Merlin’s running 1995.


Has appeared in numerous TV programs and documentaries


Production Data:


Part of the third Part of a production batch of 150 aircraft built by Austin Motors Limited, Longbridge, Birmingham, as thrid part of Contract No. 2827. NX611-NX648, NX661-NX703, NX715-NX758 and NX770-NX794. Deliveries commenced 4-45; completed 9-45 (average rate of production, approximately 6 aircraft per week). 22 aircraft sold to French Aeronavale – post war.

Surviving Lancaster: NX611


Last Updated: July 2008