Serial No:        W4964              Mark:    I              Known Op's:  102

Current Location: Newark, England

Current Status:     Static display - Museum

Nickname:            Johnny Walker - Still Going Strong

Service History:

9 Sqn WS-J del'd 4-43



Became Ground Instruction Machine 4922M 12/44

Piece of mid-fuselage section on public display at the Newark Air Museum, after being rescued from a garden in Gainsbrough where its was being used as a shed.


Production Data:


Part of the second production batch of 200 aircraft ordered from Metropolitan-VIckers Ltd., Trafford Park, Manchester, under Contract No. B69275/40 and built at the Mosley Road Works, Manchester. First 170 aircraft were Mk.Is: W4761-W4800, W4815-W4864, W4879-W4905, W4918-W4967 and W4980-W4982; Remaining 30 aircraft were Mk.III's (American built Packard-Merlin engines): W4983-W5012. Deliveries commenced 9-42; completed 5-43 (average rate of production 6 aircraft per week).

Surviving Lancaster: W4964


Last Updated: July 2008