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Updated: July 2010

Unknown Crew: Believed to be from either an Australia or New Zealand Squadron

Crew from 622 Squadron, Lancaster LL885 GI-J

102 Squadron Halifax, DY-B at Pocklington taken at the end of the crews tour.


Back Row L-R) : Bud Watson, Rear Gunner; Ron Champion, Pilot; ? Saxon, Navigator; Paddy Gilmour, Flight Engineer; Phil ?, Bomb Aimer

Front Row (L-R) : Butch Lewis, Wireless Op; Johnny Willis, Mid-Upper Gunner

433 (Porcupine) Squadron, RCAF, Lancaster A-Able.

Sgt. Patrick J. Murray, Rear Gunner and his crew

405 Squadron, RCAF Lancaster III, PB-451, "LQ-G"

F/O G. Peaker RCAF, Pilot; Sgt A. Kirkcaldy RAF, Flt/engineer; F/O E. Hayes RCAF, Navigator;
F/O R. Butterworth RCAF, bomb aimer; Sgt R. Smith RAF, Visual bomb aimer; W/O2 R. Baker RCAF, Wireless operator;
F/Sgt E. Perrault RCAF, Mid upper gunner; F/Sgt J. Adam RCAF, Rear gunner.


This crew took off from Gransden Lodge at 01:32. all are buried in the Rheinberg War Cemetery. Sgt Kirkcaldy at 36 was above the average age of operational airmen. F/O Butterworth was an American from Richville, New York.

Believed to be F/O George Kelly, RCAF, a bomb aimer with 617 (Dambuster) Squadron, standing in front of a 22,000 lbs Grand Slam Bomb. 

Ray Iniff (center) and crew, stand in front of what is believed to be Lancaster NG274 while training at either No. 1651 or No. 1168 Heavy Conversion Units.


This Lancaster as far as can be determined was never assigned to a front line squadron and was to crash during training on 03 October 1945

Unidentified Crew


Along with a Lancaster carrying unidentified nose art

Unidentified Crew


In front of Lancaster "T" Tommy

Unidentified Crew 

In front of No. 625" Squadron, RAF Lancaster CF-U2

"We're Take Anything"


L-R: Fuoco (M/U); Serienko (R/G); Reay (W/O); Greensdale (P); Faloon (B/A); Hallgren (N); Wharton (F/E)

Unidentified Crew chat with their ground crew