Operation "Chastise" called for nineteen Lancaster's, flying in three waves and in order to avoid detection at low level to avoid detection; to attack the primary targets of: the Moehne, the Eder and the Sorpe Dams:


The first wave comprising of nine aircraft and led by Gibson, would attack the Moehne and if successful they would continue on to attack the Eder.


The second wave comprising of five aircraft would attack the Sorpe.


The third wave, also comprising of five aircraft would act as an airborne reserve. This reserve, would attack either the Moehne or Eder dams, if not breached. Or if they had been successfully breached, would attack the alternate targets: the Diemal, Ennepe and Lister dams.


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Dam's Raid: 16/17 May 1943


"The Attack Plan"