With the breaching of two of the primary targets; Operation Chastise was undoubtedly a success.

As Barnes Wallis had predicted, wide spread damage was caused by flooding and Germany's manufacturing industry, communications and various other services were also interrupted.


But perhaps the most important consequences of the raid were not to be measured in material damage, but in the effect the raid had on the war as a whole: For Germany, the raid forced the redeployment of troops and weapons desperately needed on the Russian Front, to repair and then permanently defend the dams. While on the home front, the news of the raid gave a much needed boost to the morale of the British people; who had had their backs to the wall for three long years.



Of the one hundred and thirty-three aircrew flying in nineteen aircraft. Fifty-three or forty percent lost their lives, while an additional three became prisoners of war. Eight aircraft or forty-two percent of the force failed to return.

Dam's Raid

16/17 May 1943


"The Aftermath and Scarifice"