In recognition of their achievement. Queen Elisabeth, on the behalf of King George VI, who was out of the country at the time, presented the thirty-four of the survivors with the decorations and medals of gallantry.


Victoria Cross


Wg Cdr. G.P. Gibson, DSO and Bar, DFC and Bar


Distinguished Service Order


Flt Lt. J.C. McCarthy, DFC, Flt Lt. D.J.H. Maltby, DFC, Flt Lt. H.B. Martin, DFC,

Flt Lt. D.J. Shannon, DFC, Plt Off. L.G. Knight


Bar to Distinguished Flying Cross


Flt Lt. R.C Hay, DFC, Flt Lt. R.E.G. Hutchison, DFC, Flt Lt. J.F. Leggo, DFC, Flg Off. D.R. Walker, DFC


Distinguished Flying Cross


Flt Lt. R.D. Trevor-Roper, DFM, Flg Off. J. Buckley, Flg Off. L. Chambers,

Flg Off. H.S. Hobday, Flg Off. E.C. Johnson,

Plt Off. F.M. Spafford, DFM, Plt Off. J. Fort, Plt Off. C.L. Howard,

Plt Off. G.A. Deering, Plt Off. H.T. Taerum


Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (Flying)


Flt. Sgt. K.W. Brown, Flt. Sgt. W.C. Townsend, DFM


Bar to Distinguished Flying Medal


Sgt. C.E. Franklin, DFM


Distinguished Flying Medal


F/Sgt. G.A. Chalmers, F/Sgt. D.A. MacLean, F/Sgt. Simpson, F/Sgt. L.J. Sumpter,

Sgt. V. Nicholson, Sgt. G.L. Johnson, Sgt. D.P. Heal, Sgt. S. Oancia, Sgt. J. Pulford,

Sgt. D.E. Webb, Sgt. Wilkinson

Dam's Raid: 16/17 May 1943


"The Recognition"