ED-932 "AJ-G"


Pilot : Wing Comander G.P. Gibson, DSO*, DFC*
Navigator : Pilot Officer H.T. Taerum, RCAF
Flight Engineer : Sergeant J. Pulford
Bomb Aimer : Pilot Officer F.M. Sparfford, DFM, RAAF
Wireless Operator: Flight Lieutenant R.G. Hutchinson, DFC
Front Gunner : Flight Sergeant G.A. Deering, RCAF
Rear Gunner : Flight Lieutenant R.D. Trevor-Roper, DFM


ED-864 "AJ-B"


Pilot : Flight Lieutenant W. Astell, DFC
Navigator : Pilot Officer F.A. Wile, RCAF
Flight Engineer : Sergeant J. Kinnear
Bomb Aimer : Flying Officer D. Hopkinson
Wireless Operator: Warrant Officer A.A. Garshowitz, RCAF
Front Gunner : Flight Sergeant F.A. Garbas, RCAF
Rear Gunner : Sergeant R. Bolitho


ED-929 "AJ-L"


Pilot : Flight Lieutenant D. J. Shannon, DFC, RAAF
Navigator : Flying Officer D.R. Walker, DFC, RCAF
Flight Engineer : Sergeant R.J. Henderson
Bomb Aimer : Flight Sergeant L.J. Sumpter
Wireless Operator: Flying Officer B. Goodale, DFC
Front Gunner : Sergeant B. Jagger
Rear Gunner : Flying Officer J. Buckley


ED-936 "AJ-H"


Pilot : Pilot Officer G. Rice
Navigator : Flying Officer R. McFarlane
Flight Engineer : Sergeant E.C. Smith
Bomb Aimer : Warrant Officer J.W. Thrasher, RCAF
Wireless Operator: Warrant Officer C.B. Gowrie, RCAF
Front Gunner : Sergeant T.W. Maynard
Rear Gunner : Sergeant S. Burns


ED-910 "AJ-C"


Pilot : Pilot Officer W.H.T. Ottley, DFC
Navigator : Flying Officer J.K. Barrett, DFC
Flight Engineer : Sergeant R. Marsden, DFM
Bomb Aimer : Flight Sergeant T.B. Johnston
Wireless Operator: Sergeant J. Guterman, DFM
Front Gunner : Sergeant H.J. Strange
Rear Gunner : Sergeant F. Tees




ED-937 "AJ-Z"


Pilot : Squadron Leader H.E. Maudslay, DFC
Navigator : Flying Officer R.A. Urquhart, DFC, RCAF
Flight Engineer : Sergeant J. Marriott, DFM
Bomb Aimer : Pilot Officer M.J.D. Fuller
Wireless Operator: Warrant Officer A.P. Cottam, RCAF
Front Gunner : Flying Offcier W.J. Tytherleigh
Rear Gunner : Sergeant N.R. Burrows


ED-909 "AJ-P"


Pilot : Flight Lieutenant H.N. Martin, DFC
Navigator : Flight Lieutenant J.F. Leggo, DFC, RAAF
Flight Engineer : Pilot Officer I. Whitaker
Bomb Aimer : Flight Lieutenant R.C. Hay, DFC, RAAF
Wireless Operator: Flying Officer L. Chambers, RNZAF
Front Gunner : Pilot Officer B.T. Foxlee, DFM, RAAF
Rear Gunner : Flight Sereant T.D. Simpson, RAAF


ED-825 "AJ-T"


Pilot : Flight Lieutenant J.C. McCarthy, DFC, RCAF
Navigator : Flight Sergeant D.A. MacLean, RCAF
Flight Engineer : Sergeant W.D. Radcliffe
Bomb Aimer : Sergeant G.L. Johnson
Wireless Operator: Flight Sergeant L. Eaton
Front Gunner : Sergeant R. Batson
Rear Gunner : Flying Officer D. Rodger, RCAF


ED-912 "AJ-N"


Pilot : Pilot Offcier L.G. Knight, RAAF
Navigator : Flying Officer H.S. Hobday
Flight Engineer : Sergeant R.E. Graystone
Bomb Aimer : Flying Officer E.C. Johnson
Wireless Operator: Flight Sergeant R.G.T. Kellow, RAAF
Front Gunner : Sergeant F.E. Sutherland, RCAF
Rear Gunner : Sergeant H.E. O'Brien


ED-924 "AJ-Y"


Pilot : Flight Sergeant C.T. Anderson
Navigator : Sergeant J.P. Nugent
Flight Engineer : Sergeant R.C. Paterson
Bomb Aimer : Sergeant G.J. Green
Wireless Operator: Sergeant W.D. Bickle
Front Gunner : Sergeant E. Ewan
Rear Gunner : Sergeant A.W.Buck




RAAF - Royal Australian Air Force
RCAF - Royal Canadain Air Force
RNZAF - Royal New Zealand Air Force

DSO - Distingished Service Order
DFC - Distingished Flying Cross
DFM - Distingished Flying Medal


* - Indicates a second award (a bar) to that award.

All awards shown are those already held by the aircrew prior to take-off.


Dam's Raid

16/17 May 1943


"Aircraft and Air Crew List"



ED-887 "AJ-A"

Pilot : Squadron Leader H.M. Young, DFC*
Navigator : Flight Sergeant C.W. Roberts
Flight Engineer : Sergeant D.T. Horsfall
Bomb Aimer : Flying Officer V.C. MacCausland, RCAF
Wireless Operator: Sergeant L.W. Nichols
Front Gunner : Sergeant G.A. Yeo
Rear Gunner : Sergeant W. Ibbotson

ED-906 "AJ-J"


Pilot : Flight Lieutenant D.H. Maltby, DFC
Navigator : Sergeant V. Nicholson
Flight Engineer : Flight Sergeant W. Hatton
Bomb Aimer : Pilot Officer J. Fort
Wireless Operator: Sergeant A.J.B. Stone
Front Gunner : Sergeant V. Hill
Rear Gunner : Sergeant H.T. Simmonds


ED-927 "AJ-E"


Pilot : Flight Lieutenant R.N.G. Barlow, DFC, RAAF
Navigator : Flying Officer P.S. Burgess
Flight Engineer : Pilot Officer S.L. Whillis
Bomb Aimer : Pilot Officer A. Gillespie, DFM
Wireless Operator: Flying Officer C.R. Williams, DFC, RAAF
Front Gunner : Flying Officer H.S. Glinz, RCAF
Rear Gunner : Sergeant J.R.G. Lidell


ED-934 "AJ-K"


Pilot : Pilot Officer V.W. Byers, RCAF
Navigator : Flying Officer J.H. Warner
Flight Engineer : Sergeant A.J. Taylor
Bomb Aimer : Pilot Officer A.N. Whitaker
Wireless Operator: Sergeant J. Wilkinson
Front Gunner : Sergeant C.McA. Jarvie
Rear Gunner : Flight Sergeant J. McDowell, RCAF


ED-918 "AJ-F"


Pilot : Flight Sergeant K.W. Brown, RCAF
Navigator : Sergeant D.P. Heal
Flight Engineer : Sergeant H.B. Feneron
Bomb Aimer : Sergeant S. Oancia, RCAF
Wireless Operator: Sergeant H.W. Hewstone
Front Gunner : Sergeant D. Allatson
Rear Gunner : Flight Sergeant G.S. MacDonald, RCAF




ED-925 "AJ-M"


Pilot : Flight Lieutenant J.V. Hopgood, DFC*
Navigator : Flying Officer K. Earnshaw, RCAF
Flight Engineer : Sergeant C. Brennan
Bomb Aimer : Pilot Officer J.W. Fraser, DFC
Wireless Operator: Sergeant J.W. Minchin
Front Gunner : Pilot Officer G.H.F.G. Gregory, DFM
Rear Gunner : Pilot Offcier A.F. Burcher, DFM, RAAF


ED-921 "AJ-W"


Pilot : Flight Lieutenant J.L. Munro, RNZAF
Navigator : Flying Officer F.G. Rumbles
Flight Engineer : Sergeant F.E. Appleby
Bomb Aimer : Sergeamt J.H. Clay
Wireless Operator: Warrant Office P.E. Pigeon, RCAF
Front Gunner : Sergeant W. Howarth
Rear Gunner : Flight Sergeant H.A. Weeks, RCAF


ED-865 "AJ-S"


Pilot : Pilot Officer L.J. Burpee, DFM, RCAF
Navigator : Sergeant T. Jaye
Flight Engineer : Sergeant G. Pegler
Bomb Aimer : Flight Sergeant J.L. Arthur, RCAF
Wireless Operator: Pilot Officer L.G. Weller
Front Gunner : Sergeant W.C.A. Long
Rear Gunner : Warrant Officer J.G. Brady, RCAF


ED-886 "AJ-O"


Pilot : Flight Sergeant W.C. Townsend
Navigator : Pilot Offcier C.L. Howard, RAAF
Flight Engineer : Sergeant D.J.D. Powell
Bomb Aimer : Sergeant C.E. Franklin, DFM
Wireless Operator: Flight Sergeant G.A. Chalmers
Front Gunner : Sergeant D.E. Webb
Rear Gunner : Sergeant R. Wilkinson


Canadian Air Crew Members Of The Dambuster's

W/C Gibson and crew boarding Lancaster ED932 "AJ-G"