Lancaster Mk.X (Canadian) KB700

"The Ruhr Express"


Some kind of work being performed in the bomb bay

Ground Crew refilling the aircraft's oxygen system

Ground crew preparing to "Bomb Up" a 12,000 lbs Block buster into the bomb bay.

Two views of S - Sugar from an unknown squadron begin "bombed up" with what appear to be 500 lbs or 1,000 lbs bombs

Air Marshal "Black Mike" McEwen, RCAF, Commander of No. 6 Group RCAF being shown a fully loaded Lancaster

Ground crew service number 3 engine of Lancaster Mk.  X KB865 from the OIL bowser (tanker) while the crew of F/L H.H/M. Cave hang around to be "given" then aircraft

No. 83 Squadron, RAF Lancaster's Bomb Bay fully loaded with a 4,000 lbs HC "Cookie" which is surrounded by Small Bomb Containers (SBC's) containing incendiaries

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Updated: March 2010

Ground Crew Photo Archive

Lancaster W4783 being loaded with petrol before the nights operations.


Note: the bomb winch in the foreground

Unidentified member of a Lancaster ground crew helps to load a 4,000 lbs HC "Cookie" in the bomb bay

No. 115 Squadron, RAF Ground Crew Armour's at Witchford,  catch a ride with a Lancaster standard bomb load

Ground Crew preparing to load what appears to be a Mk.I Air Deployable Anti-Shipping Mine.

Ground crew "Erks" in front of Lancaster G-George

A WAAF driver/armour steers a 4,000 lbs "cookie" under a Lancaster's bomb bay during bombing up