To Keep Them Flying


Updated: September 2008

To allow one Lancaster Bomber to be made ready for each operational raid it took the effort of some thirty-eight (38) personnel.

7 – aircrew (pilot, flight engineer, navigator, bomb aimer, wireless operator, mid-upper gunner, rear gunner)

1 = Flying Control Officer

2 – Assistant Flying Control Offices (usually WAAF’s)

1 – Parachute Packer (usually WAAF)

1 – Airman/women to drive and operate the Oil Tanker

2 – Airman/women to drive and operator the 2500 gallon Petrol Bowser

7 – Armourers to prepare, transport the bomb train and then load into the aircraft

1 – Tractor drive to pull the bomb train to the aircraft (often a WAAF)

8 – Ground flight mechanics (up to 8)

7 – Specialists to service the radar, wireless, etc system (Up to 7)

1 – Meteorologist (Weather man)

Lancaster's shown taxiing along a peri-track preparing for take-off to attack Berlin 26/27 November 1943