Lancaster and Manchester: Mid-Lower  (Ventral) Turret


Updated: January 2008



Manufacture :

Model : FN-21A or FN-64
Method of power transmission : Hydraulic
Source of power: Engine Drive Pump
Hydraulic operating pressure 300 lb. per sq. inch.
Field of fire : Azimuth - 360deg.
Elevation - 25 deg.
Depression - 90 deg.
Armament : Two - 0.303 Machine Guns
Firing control mechanism Palmer Hydraulic
Gun Sight Free gun reflector sight         Mk. III A, Mk. III N

Point of Interest:


It should be noted that the approximate location of the ventral turret was eventually used for the H2S radar assembly. In the later stages of the war some squadron's took it upon themselves, to install a single 0.50 calibre machine gun in the position.

Two views showing the low drag Mid-Lower turret installed into a Manchester