Manufacture :

Model : FN-50
Method of power transmission : Hydraulic
Source of power: Engine Drive Pump
Hydraulic operating pressure 300 lb. per sq. inch.
Field of fire : Azimuth -360 deg.
Elevation - 60 deg.
Depression - 45 deg.
Armament : Two - 0.303 Machine Guns
Firing control mechanism Electro-Hydraulic
Gun Sight

Free gun reflector sight Mk. III, Mk. III A, Mk. III N

The operating levers (aka Tabo arms) tracked along the top of the Cam Ring. As the arm rose a gun interrupter mechanism engaged and prevented the guns from firing. Which in turn stopped the gunner from shooting off the tail, Rudder or into the fuselage.

Lancaster: Mid-Upper Turret


Updated:January 2008