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Updated: February 2010

Lancaster: Picture Archive


At Dispersal

Lancaster Mk.I

No. 57 Squadron, RAF Lancaster W5008 "DX-B"


Borrowed by 617 Squadron and shown at RAF Blida in Africa on July 17th 1943, after attacking power stations in Italy during a shuttle raid.

Two unidentified Lancaster's


Note: the Lancaster on the right has no guns in the front turret, this may indicate that the aircraft was not scheduled for operations at the time of the photo being taken. As the aircraft's guns were remove to be cleaned and stored in the Squadron armoury and only installed prior to operations.

No. 428 Squadron, RCAF, Lancaster

What appear to be brand new Lancaster Mk.I's




Bulged bomb doors to allow for the carrying of large bomb types.


The circular disc just forward of the bombs doors is the glass opening for the bomb camera.


The Square opening in the wing leading edge is the air intake for the cabin heating. 

Unknown Lancaster

Obviously being the center of attention at some form of parade or ceremony.


Possibly first Canadian made Mk.X KB700


A Lysander and Anson can be seen in the background 

Unknown 101 Squadron, Lancaster Mk. I

probably at Ludford magna

Note: the ABC aerials along the top of the fuselage


(Ground crew performing engine maintenance)

Unknown Lancaster Mk. I

Lancaster Prototype DG595




Mid-Lower Turret is installed

Now-Air-Deflector around Mid-Upper Turret

Lancaster Line Up at an unknown airfield


Some reference has been traced to this being a line up prior to the last operation being flown.

Lancaster Mk. I PB752

shown while attached to Dunlop for trials of its solid 'Compacta' tyres.

Lancaster Mk.I R5868

467 Sqn, RAAF PO-S


Being re-fuelled