Lancaster Test Bed Images


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Updated: July 2008

Bother during and after the War, several Lancaster airframes were adapted to be used as test beds or for other purposes. 

Lancaster Mk.III ME540

used for "Gust Research Trials" c.1951.

Modifications by Boulton Paul Ltd.

Lancaster Mk.VI ND784

Air Screw Mamba Test Bed c. 1947

Thought to be Lancaster Mk.VI ND784

Air Screw Mamba Test Bed c. 1947

Two views of Lancaster Mk.I PA474

On load to College of Aeronautics, Cranfield.

during High Performance Boundary Layer Wing Research

Aircraft was to become BBMF "City of Lincoln"

Lancaster Mk.III SW342

During Air Screw Mamba and Adder Trails


Three Views of Lancaster BI (Special) SW244

"Long Range Saddle Tank Lanc."

Modified directly after leaving the production line in Nov. 1944.

Two views of the First Lancaster Mk. I prototype airframe BT308, now modified for jet jet trails.

Two views of Avro Lancastrian's VN742 (left) and VN733 (below) flying with a combination of Propeller and Jet Engine propulsion. In both view the propellers have been feathered and the aircraft is flying on Jet Power alone.

Two views of ex-RAF Lancaster Mk.I RA805 during Dovren jet engine trials, while serving with the Swedish Air Force.

Either Lancaster Mk.X KB851 or KB848

Both Lancaster's were modified to Mk.X DR and used for Firebee Drone trials

Lancaster LM639 converted to carry a lifeboat

Shown derelict and in the process of being scrapped