Lancaster: Rear Turret


Updated: January 2008


Manufacture :


Model :

FN-20 or FN-121 Mk.I  

Method of power transmission :


Source of power:

Engine Drive Pump

Hydraulic operating pressure

300 lb. per sq. inch.

Field of fire :

Azimuth -168 deg.
Elevation - 60 deg.
Depression - 45 deg.

Armament :

Four - 0.303 Machine Guns

Firing control mechanism

Palmer Hydraulic

Gun Sight

FN-20 - Free gun reflector sight Mk. III A, Mk. III N
FN-121 Mk.I - Free gun reflector sight Mk. IIIA, Mk. IIIN or G.G.S. Mk. II C

Point of Interest:


Late in the war, the Lancaster's lack of defencive armament finally began to be corrected. Aircraft began to arrive with two 0.50 Calibre machine guns located in both the Rear and Mid-Upper turret positions. Although, the 0.50 calibre had a far greater range and more destructive hitting force than that of the 0.303, it still did not equal the German 20mm (0.75") cannons which were installed in most night-fighter aircraft.

Copyright: Larry Wright, 1989