Bombing Photo: Bochum 5 November 1944

Bombing Photo: Bergen 4 October 1944

Bombing Photo: Hanover 25 March 1945

Bombing Photo: Unknown Target

The Lancaster crew below probably wishes they were in some other location

Bombing Photo: Dresden 14/15 February 1945

Target: Nippes Railway Stations at Cologne


Left: Pre-Raid Reconnaissance

Right: Post Raid Reconnaissance

 Post Raid Reconnaissance of Dusseldorf

 Post Raid Reconnaissance of Lubeck

 Post Raid Reconnaissance of Wilhelmshaven

 Post Raid Reconnaissance of Unknown Bridge

Updated: October 2008


Photo-Reconnaissance and Bombing Photo's

Bombing Photo: Lohausen Airport

Dusseldorf 24 Decemeber 1944

Bombing Photo: Zietz 16/17 January 1945

Bombing Photo: Mitteland Canal

1 January 1944

Bombing Photo: Pas de Calais

20 July 1944

Post Raid Reconnaissance of Juelich

18 November 1944

Bombing Photo: Heinsberg

16 November 1944

Post Raid Reconnaissance of Emden

c. 8 September 1944

Post Raid Reconnaissance of Durden

18 November 1944

Probably A Post Raid Reconnaissance: Bocholt

22 March 1944

Probably A Post Raid Reconnaissance: Argentan, Caen

6/7 June 1944







Bombing Photo: RAF Lancaster's carrying 12,000 lbs bombs made a daylight attack on German naval installations at Maasluis, Holland on 3 February, 1945

Photo sequence taken by a Mosquito of the RAF Film Production Unit during the attack shows how the Lancaster's crossed the sea at "Zero Feet" and pin-pointed the target. The extreme accuracy of the bombing on a comparatively small target is shown clearly from the beginning of that attack, until the naval installations are smothered in smoke and debris from bursting bombs, as evidenced by the last picture