Serial No:              KB941                Mark:    X              Known Op's:  0

Current Location: Manchester, England?

Current Status:     Unknown

Nickname:              None Traced

Service History:

To UK 4-45, 32 MU St. Athans, 420 Sqn, RCAF del'd 4-45 PT-U, Returned to CDN 14-6-45, 663(Heavy Bomber) Wing, Debert, Nova Scotia for Tiger Force, No. 2 Air Command del'd 1945, Stored at Penhold, Alberta, Moved to Claresholm, Alberta and put up for disposal, Purchased by Mr. Victor Leonhard, of Drumheller, Alberta c.1947. Towed to Drumheller and broken up for parts. Center section moved to Pigeon Lake, Alberta c.1960, Sold to private collector, Sold to Charles Church Ltd, Manchester, UK, 1990






Production Data:


Part of the first production batch of 300 aircraft built by Victory Aircraft Limited, Malton, Ontario, Canada. KB700-KB999 (produced 'before' the FM-Serial batch). Packard built Rolls-Royce Merlin 38 engines in the first 75 aircraft; Merlin 224 engines in the subsequent aircraft. Deliveries commenced to Britain 9-43; completed 3-45 (average rate of production, approximately 4 aircraft per week). Victory Aircraft Construction Number 37242

Surviving Lancaster: KB941


Last Updated: July 2008

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