Serial No:          KB999              Mark:    X            Known Op's:  0

Current Location: Lake near Eskimo Point, Nunavut, Canada

Current Status:     Submerged in lake

Nickname:              Malton Mike

Service History:

To UK 6-45, 419 Sqn, RCAF VR-M, 405 Sqn, RCAF LQ-M, Returned to CDN 19-6-45, 664 (Heavy Bomber) Wing, Greenwood, Nova Scotia for Tiger Force, No. 2 Air Command del'd 6-45, Store at unspecified location, Modified to Mk.10MR del'd 1950, 405(MR) Sqn VN999



As the 300th Lancaster off of Victory Aircraft's production line, KB999 was considered a presentation aircraft and as such was christened with the name of 'Malton Mike.'


22-8-1952: The aircraft was tasked to fly from Greenwood, Nova Scotia to Churchill, Manitoba via Rockcliffe, Ontario. F/O Stamers and his crew headed west and landed at Rockcliffe where they spent the night. The following day the crew flew on towards Churchill, but no further communication was received from the aircraft. Later the same day four Lancaster's from 405 Squadron in Greenwood, N.S. took off to begin to search for KB999 which was now overdue. On August Two days later an additional two Lancaster's joined the search, but they too were hampered in the search area by poor weather conditions. On August 29 news that KB999 and her crew had finally located some 150 miles NW of Churchill was received. No injuries are reported amongst the crew. The Lancaster is reported to still remain half submerged in the lake where the crash-landing occurred.


Production Data:

Part of the first production batch of 300 aircraft built by Victory Aircraft Limited, Malton, Ontario, Canada. KB700-KB999 (produced 'before' the FM-Serial batch). Packard built Rolls-Royce Merlin 38 engines in the first 75 aircraft; Merlin 224 engines in the subsequent aircraft. Deliveries commenced to Britain 9-43; completed 3-45 (average rate of production, approximately 4 aircraft per week). Victory Aircraft Construction Number 37300

Surviving Lancaster: KB999


Last Updated: July 2008